As the only incumbent running, my four years on council, including a year as mayor, provide me with experience in governance and well developed relationships with staff, the county and other organizations with whom we need to work successfully to tackle key issues:

Fire Prevention and Safety
Being resilient and proactive, not reactive

While on council I’ve now worked with three city managers, two police chiefs, two public works department heads, and every other member of our staff.
I’m a member of the League of Cities and their Rural Caucus, and a Commissioner on LAFCO. I’ve worked successfully with other agencies, staff, businesses and non-profits to:

Increase Revenues primarily through our city cannabis tax which was critical to getting us through the pandemic
Increase Fire Safety and Preparedness
Improve delivery and capacity of city services

(530) 478-1816

Your support will mean continuity on the council, a head on approach to the unforeseen challenges that the future will bring, deep respect for our charm and history, and continued progress on the priorities above.
We are an amazing community. Thank you for your support!